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Review at sonomu.net :

Outside mathematics, there is no such thing as a straight line.

Arkhonia´s debut album art is criss-crossed with vapour trails etched in the blue by jet planes, all in various stages of dispersal. These ”constructed, edited [and] processed” pieces were created over the course of the past decade and consist largely of the artist atomizing work by friends and colleagues, including James Zeiter, Danny Saul and Greg Haines. Some have been released before, one was intended to be but never was, and the final track, turning everything back on itself, is a ”continuation” of tracks three and four which includes fragments of everything else on the album as well.

Not a straight line anywhere, but a linear logic that stays true from Point A to Point B (or rather first track ”AAOpening” to ”DDClose”) on this remarkably coherent album. Arkhonia´s ability to almost literally shape air is unique to ambient music. After twenty minutes of total weightlessness, ”DDRhodes” blows bubbles of oxygen into the blood of this sound body of work, pulsing and shimmering, sustaining sounds sustaining life. This twelve-minute piece also takes us briefly to sea, invigorating exposure to sunshine and salt water.

And yet, in the spirit of deviation from the theoretical straight line, the album is not without drama, as the cold, numbing shocks of ”FyldeFF” are so utterly spellbinding that if it were a movie, you wouldn´t be able to take your eyes off the screen for a second.

(Posted by Stephen Fruitman at 21:51, 26 Jul 2011)

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