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Outtakes from Trails/Traces cover pic photo sessions :

These are from 2004 and 2005; I stopped taking these pictures a long while ago – you can see this every day, doesn’t seem worthy of recording any more.


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New Orleans Dream-Orientalism, celebrating Egypt changing the world :

Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans Feetwarmers
Egyptian Fantasy (Reid-Bechet)
Swing Music 1944 Series No. 582
His Master’s Voice B.9378

One choice 78 from a box of 60-odd, bought the day after Mubarak’s departure (“you can have the lot for a tenner”).

Also, No. 7 in a selection of ‘My Top Ten 78 Sides!’ by Alastair Galbraith here:

Hear blue cries translated as scenery for an Egyptian fairytale, fluttering in noble lines, dignified austere wiggles. Again there’s an element of reaching for the exotic, defining a life that isn’t but could be. Can I live here, in this sound, please?

Rendered on a clunky speed-variable Decca 85 – ‘ready for the apocalypse!’

A few more 78s are here.

(Thanks to Alastair for permission to appropriate and recontextualise his comments.)

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