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Well [iv] was going to be a screengrab from another blog that posted a mediafire download link alongside album art, a shop’s sales pitch (rather than any personal comment) – and a statement of intent thus:

This approval prompted a fair amount of headscratching, and I posted the following comment:

including my email address, and half-hoping that its unidentified author might take the challenge, maybe concoct a couple of additional lines reflecting their reason for the download link. However, checking back an hour later (time enough for a considered response), my comment had been deleted (which I suppose was acting upon my request…), and today I see that the entire post is gone.

A result, I suppose…but still a reflection of the laziness of some music bloggers: if all you have to say can be summarised by an online retail outlet’s pitch to shift stock, you’re probably not exercising any appreciation or judgement whatsoever, just trying to use other people’s work (creative or otherwise) to construct a join-the-dots online ‘personality’, based solely upon the appropriation of stuff you like, for reasons of ego alone. Happy to be proven wrong, but nothing [iv] has posted (including other ‘recommendations’) says otherwise, to me anyway.

[ii] also offers a download link, but comment proferred amused me so much it’s excusable (and excused). No DMCA takedown for the Grad School Rager…and likewise another blogger quoted in an earlier post, who at least appended a few lines to the same shop blurb, plus the observation that ‘headphone listening especially recommended’ (it is!). The latter also indirectly contributed to the titles of the next Arkhonia release, and so is likewise excused. [iv] offered nothing at all.

It would be churlish to police download links of my album (I’ve done this professionally in my previous job, it’s thankless) when I’m being listened to and shared – but I will gleefully play ‘taste police’ with lazy twats that think the upload bandwidth they have sacrificed is enough to justify bolstering their own ‘hotch-potch of stolen goods’ with yet more examples of what ‘excellent taste’ they have. [i] and [iii] don’t need to offer anything in the way of comment (or a download link to prove their approval); context is enough, and, in both cases, I feel complimented to complement their aesthetic and/or intellectual preferences.

Maybe I have misread [iv]: maybe I should be flattered to be amongst their other selections; maybe I have alienated a previously-supportive listener…but I can’t care. Really. If the mediafire link is all you need, try Google, or your favoured filehosting site (or maybe even buy the download, from the ever-excellent Diogenes Music). I do not understand a blogger that cannot even exercise the effort to blank the About defaults that WordPress provides, and assumes that a random conglomeration of plagarised content adds up to anything more than a random conglomeration of plagarised content.


[i] & [iii], thank you – and [ii], glad to be of service.


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