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A year ago, a rejuvenated Beach Boys appeared at the 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony. Wrote some stuff about it here.

An excerpt:

The Beach Boys™: i i love the colorful clothes she wears

And so on.

One year later, the February 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony also featured a Beach Boys representation:

Brian Wilson Wins Grammy, Says No More Beach Boys Reunions

Brian Wilson just won the second Grammy of his career, getting the nod for Best Historical Album for the deluxe boxed set The Smile Sessions.

Shortly after accepting the award, the former Beach Boy walked into the media room at the Staples Center. When asked if the group would be doing another reunion tour, he delivered some news that fans might not be eager to hear.

“No,” he said. “I don’t think so.”

(by Zack O’Malley Greenburg of Forbes, February 10th 2013)

The Smile Sessions was released in November 2011, but is only mentioned in passing in the 2012 Grammy introduction:

2012 Grammy Guy: Great reunions are a Grammy™ tradition – just in the past decade this show has brought back together legends like Simon and Garfunkel and The Police. This year we thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ to reunite the band that brought this whole world The California Dream, and Endless Harmony™. From their earliest surf rock hits, to the groundbreaking Pet Sounds album, to the famously-ambitious Smile Sessions, this band changed music history for ever with their ‘good vibrations’.

Here to kick off our celebration™ of The Beach Boys, please welcome – Maroon 5!

And so on.


There’s a nice news item at brianwilson.com, SMiLE Wins 2013 GRAMMY, and a reminder that

Brian was nominated for a GRAMMY for “Best Pop Vocal Album” in 2005 for his solo version of “SMiLE” and was a winner for “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (Fire)” for Best Rock Instrumental.

The Smile Sessions release marked the 50th anniversary of The Beach Boys, but the 50 Big Ones Tour, and the That’s Why God Made The Radio album got all the media attention throughout 2012. As Mr. Greenburg reports for Forbes,

Wilson and two other original Beach Boys were essentially fired by Mike Love, another one of the group’s founding members, following the group’s 50th reunion tour last year. Another iteration of the group continues to perform without the Beach Boys’ artistic leader.

A Beach Boys Pitchfork reverse-timeline (in a post from October last year) outlines the key points of how The Beach Boys spent their half-centenary celebration, ending with this ambiguously-reported, somewhat ignominious ‘firing’ of founder members Al Jardine and David Marks, plus Brian Wilson, the author of the music that made the band worthy of said ‘celebration’. Some comments were volunteered here.

Having taken an extended break from all of this, I was unaware of this 2013 Grammy Award for The Smile Sessions‘ 2011 release; it was discovered in this broad (UK) news search. The Grammy Awards, being US-centric, gets little coverage here – but even if the ceremony were screened on UK TV, Brian Wilson’s Best Historical Album award acceptance was not included in the broadcast.

Last year’s Grammys may have been overshadowed by Whitney Houston’s death days before, but, for this newly-regrouped 2012 Beach Boys, the ceremony was a fantastic promotional opportunity. Having the good sense to affiliate themselves with cutting-edge new artists like Foster The People and Maroon 5 demonstrates the sharp minds at work within Beach Boys Org.

Of course, these kinds of awards are just a music industry self-celebration, and ultimately meaningless; wikipedia covers various criticisms of the value of this recognition for contemporary artists – and I’m not too sure exactly what ‘Best Historical Album’ actually means (what is the ‘best history’? What is the worst?)…but Brian Wilson must have been pleased to see his younger self’s greatest work finally getting its due.

But shouldn’t this due come in February 2012? Why a full year later?

With their tour over, with a successful reunion album under the corporation’s belt, plus a bunch of album re-re-re-reissues (with new stereo mixes, but without the bonus tracks of the earlier re-re-reissues), Beach Boys Corp., having dropped Brian, David and Al, returns its ‘other iteration’ to the fairgrounds, conference centres and aquariums of America.

The same news search also has these useful updates:

Star sighting: Beach Boys at SeaWorld Orlando (from the Orlando Sentinel, February 19th 2013) :


Bruce Johnston (left) and Mike Love (right), members of classic rock band the Beach Boys, pose with an American bald eagle during activities for SeaWorld Orlando’s Bands, Brew & BBQ festival last weekend. The Beach Boys performed Saturday. SeaWorld’s special event continues this weekend with country duo Big & Rich on stage Saturday, followed by the Doobie Brothers on Sunday

Hope any Florida readers caught their show at SeaWorld – or at The Chateau Elan Conference Center in Sebring, FL. a week later.

Excitingly, Christian Rock Band Scarlet Fade To Front For The Beach Boys (says Top40.com, February 26th 2013) :

Only a few weeks after seeing their latest single (“Revolution”) hit the #6 spot on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart, the all sibling band Scarlet Fade, is in for another treat. After a recent series of shows throughout South FL., Scarlet Fade has been asked to come open for the legendary group The Beach Boys on Feb 27th at The Chateau Elan Conference Center in Sebring, FL.

“We are incredibly excited to be able to open up for such an iconic band” says Ali. “I have a Beach Boys vinyl…their harmonies have always inspired me” adds Jaimee…many may not know that these siblings have a penchant for doing unique vocal arrangements of different pop songs and hymns with 4 part harmonies and completely a cappella. This distinctive nuance has landed them various opportunities ranging from singing at The Faith & Freedom event to kick of The Republican National Convention in Tampa FL. last year, to now opening for The Beach Boys.

Maybe you too were unaware of the Beach Boys influence on Scarlet Fade… and hey! I too have a Beach Boys vinyl!

And, on the activism front, Beach Boys push historic status for Trestles (in the U-T San Diego, February 8th 2013) :

Trestles in north San Diego County may become the first surfing spot listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, a move that has drawn the support of the Beach Boys who were inspired by the San Onfore beach culture.

The State Historic Preservation Commission Friday unanimously declared Trestles to be eligible for the designation, citing the area’s history and contributions to California culture.

The decision came after the commission heard testimony from critics, who claimed that the surf spot’s place in California history is exaggerated, that a listing would interfere with military training at Camp Pendleton and the request is a political move to erect another barrier to extending the State Route 241 toll road toward San Onofre.

Two members of the Beach Boys, whose songs played a big role in defining Southern California culture, sent letters of support.

“The California surfing lifestyle, attitude and culture that started a national trend and reached a worldwide audience is deeply rooted at Trestles and San Onofre,” wrote Mike Love, lead singer.

He told commissioners that the lyrics penned 50 years ago in the top hit ‘Surfin’ USA” lyrics were drawn from their experiences on San Onofre Beach

And so on.

It is, in many ways, a shame that The Smile Sessions failed to get much of a promotional push through 2012, as the band celebrated their ’50 Big Ones’. Live sets featured a handful of associated songs (Heroes & Villains, um, Good Vibrations…), but, for most of their half-centenary celebration, it was almost as if The Smile Sessions were never released. Maybe the 2013 Grammy award recognition will change things…but maybe, you know, the moment, the momentum has gone…?

I write as some kind of ‘fan’; the 60 posts that precede this one speak for my enthusiasm.

But is it just me that is bloody sick – fucking sick – of the fucking toxicity of the fucking Beach Boys?



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