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While preparing a long, and typically-rambling post about Cabin Essence and cannabis, I received an email from a ‘Jan Rhee’ – Subject: A note on marijuana laws.

Having just crawled out of bed, I was initially quite pleased and curious: a reader response!

I came across your site while searching for blogs and posts about cannabis. That said, I wanted to reach out to see if you’d like to view a graphicthat my team and I created which illustrates the benefits of marijuana legalization. Would you be interested in taking a look?

I’d love to get your readers’ feedback as well as yours!

Forwarding this mail to a friend, I was immediately warned off:

Seems suspicious  – don’t respond!

If she can’t press the spacebar between ‘graphic’ and ‘that’ then she’s probably stoned. Or a phishing machine.

Spacebar erroraside (I have a similar keyboard quirk), after a couple of strong coffees and a cursory Google search, my correspondent’s concerns were confirmed – a gentleman called Tim Dobson usefully summarises:

it seems SEOers are trying to raise the profile of sites by generating high profile incoming links and if they create pretty, informative infographics on topics people may be interested in, they can get high profile sites to embed their image and link to them as attribution

and Mr. Dobson links to a post, On Bike Infographics & Link Marketing, which goes into more detail about Ms. Rhee’s propagation of ‘infographics’ on many topics other than ‘the benefits of marijuana legalization‘: bikes, ‘Mac Rumors’, the demise of the print encyclopaedia, litter…it would seem that

infographics have become a popular link bait for marketers aiming to increase inbound links to increase their ranking in search engine search results.

Basically all of this exists solely to increase web traffic or something. Jan Rhee doesn’t give a fuck about the legalisation of cannabis, or Smile.

Which is a shame; if she (or anyone) could be so kind as to summarise these 40 posts so far (as well as My First 25 Years‘ concluding five posts, still in process) as a single infographic, I could then, finally, put this aside, and concentrate on something a little more pressing.

Maybe I should concoct my own ‘infographic’. Hmmm…


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