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To quote the oft-quoted George Santayana, ‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ :

Max Headroom:  Great reunions are a Grammy™ tradition – just in the past decade this show has brought back together legends like Simon and Garfunkel and The Police. This year we thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ to reunite the band that brought this whole world The California Dream, and Endless Harmony™. From their earliest surf rock hits, to the groundbreaking Pet Sounds album, to the famously-ambitious Smile Sessions, this band changed music history for ever with their ‘good vibrations’.

Here to kick off our celebration™ of The Beach Boys, please welcome – Maroon 5!

Maroon 5: do you love me do you surfer girl

Maroon 5 Guy: ladies and gentlemen – Foster The People!

Foster The People: wouldn’t it be nice if we were older

Max Headroom: How could you not love those songs! And now here’s something you don’t see every day, or even every decade – on behalf of music lovers all over the world I am so thrilled that this great band is back together to do it again™ for their 50th Anniversary™…ladies and gentlemen, here to spread some ‘good vibrations’ as only they can do it, The Beach Boys!

The Beach Boys™: i i love the colorful clothes she wears

And so on.

Maroon 5 and Foster And Allen join the band onstage:

Brian Wilson retains a dignified position at the piano throughout:

Appreciative audience members are shown:

It ends.

And echoes this comparable celebration from 25 years earlier.

For anyone who has read all of this so far, it would be over-emphasising a point to suggest that this ‘reunion’ is not in any way pleasing – I speak as a Brian Wilson (but not The Beach Boys™) ‘fan’, and I have been writing as one throughout. And if I haven’t already said (or at least suggested) here just how redundant an exercise in self-celebration this is going to become, this very public return should speak for itself.

Maybe it’s just me that feels this to be something nobody (bar Mike Love) actually needs…and you can read a way more measured response to this performance here.

However, if WordPress page hits and search terms are any indication of a post-Grammys™ enthusiasm for ‘good vibrations’ , the extra traffic these blog postings got after Sunday’s show suggests that this half-centenary Celebration™ (to be followed by the album of the same name) might yet have an audience larger than just the expected legion of ‘aging fans’.

One search term that brought a reader here a few weeks ago says it better than I could:

(although it only later occurred to me what they might actually have been searching for…).

Unless something interesting (musically or otherwise), unexpected (good or bad), or off-script (and the introduction quoted above bears all the hallmarks of a Beach Boys Corp. co-write) occurs between now and the end of the upcoming 50-date tour, no further comment shall be made here about this 2012 reunion. Bar one more observation to follow.

As Zooey Deschanel (as first and most useful search hit) says here,

I have the utmost respect for true critics and writers who devote themselves to analyzing and appreciating art; this is NOT who I am talking about. Often the content of comments sections goes something like this (in Mad Libs form):

SouPerP1mp69: I hate (name of an artist/celebrity not in room)! He/she is (unflattering adjective) and (unflattering adjective) and someone should tell her/him that he/she should stop (verb/name of profession)-ing.

And so, if I don’t have anything nice to say, maybe I shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

However, I would imagine that Mike Love was quite upset about Whitney Houston’s sudden (if not exactly unexpected) death – and the shadow it cast over the ‘good vibrations’ planned for this show…



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A haphazard and indeterminate series of posts about The Beach Boys’ Smile album; unfinished and unreleased in 1966 and 67, Smile was finally made available, as The SMiLE Sessions, in November 2011.

As an unexpected (and possibly not-unrelated) follow-up to Smile‘s release, The Beach Boys have reformed, and there are a few posts that relate to the band’s 50 year anniversary ‘celebration’.

Observations made, questions asked (and any conclusions reached) come from 25 years of listening – plus reading and watching anything that related to The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks and Smile. This quarter-century personal distraction was never meant to be ‘research’.

Page will be updated as new posts are added; any youtube links may well be dead as soon as posted, but uploaders are dogged, if you care enough to hear tracks referenced, youtube is still free to search…

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