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Rural Colours Subscription Pack 10 is reviewed at textura :

Arkhonia’s Another Dispatch in a World of Multiple Veils gives the appearance of being a five-track EP but, in fact, the indexed pieces flow without interruption from one to the next, turning the release into a nineteen-minute journey. Similar to the Ingram installment, Arkhonia’s comes after the unidentified producer’s own late-2010 White Box full-length Trails/Traces. “Smoke” begins the trip with the relatively restrained warble and shimmer of deep space tranmissions, before a more aggressive approach emerges during “Fog” in the form of tones that glisten with a razor-edged intensity. The material remains steadily eerie and ethereal as it moves through “Dust,” after which the intergalaxial communications of “Snow” are punctuated by percussive knocking and the piece reaches its end with a bold flourish in “Rain.” The oddest thing, frankly, about the release isn’t the music but rather Arkhonia’s choice of natural phenomena for track titles, a move belied by the spacey character of the material itself.


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