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Digital version of ‘twenty minutes of abstract sound impersonating music‘ finally available to download at archive.org – get Sieleslyk (Rc031) by Gareth Davis / Jan Kleefstra / Romke Kleefstra & Better Luck by Richard A Ingram (Rc032) (both included in the same Rural Colours Subscription Pack) while you’re there, if you haven’t done already.


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Another Dispatch in a World of Multiple Veils
is included in Rural Colours Subscription Pack 10, alongside amazing releases by Richard A Ingram (Better Luck, Rc032) and Gareth Davies/Romke Kleefstra/Jan Kleefstra (Sieleslyk, Rc031). These packs are subscription-only, and thus already sold out; each release may be available separately in limited quantities, but most are also available for free download at archive.org (Another Dispatch in a World of Multiple Veils some time soon, get Sieleslyk there, now).

All three releases are reviewed in this video by a man up a hill, with a dog, and beer (you may want to crank the volume up after the white-noise-burst intro, if only to fully enjoy the Hebden Bridge hillside ambience) :

Another Dispatch in a World of Multiple Veils is, it would appear, ‘a much darker, sinister piece’ than Trails/Traces, ‘more than a tad eerie’, bearing some resemblance to the ‘unnerving otherworldly sounds of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop…the strangeness of space and other worlds’ – ‘a strange, unearthly piece of work’ (and as I characterised this release as ‘yet more meaningless space gloom from Arkhonia’ in the self-negating solipsisms supplied to Rural Colours, these observations bear some resemblance to what I hear myself).

‘Video’ of track 3 (Dust) :

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