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‘…a captivating release of quite impressive scope and depth that rewards a patient listener with its, often surprising, twists and turns’

Fluid Radio

‘…it is like the language of avenues, street signs and telegraph poles converted into sublime sonics…like the inaudible pulse of a hot, mellow evening amongst England’s Victorian terraces’

Was Ist Das

‘The centrepiece of the album is a previously unreleased version of the long, lush ‘DDRhodes’…gobs of Fender Rhodes drip between shimmering wisps of guitar distant bells and shipboard creaks’

Drowned In Sound Armchair Dancefloor 023

[on DDRhodes] ‘Arkhonia is swinging a pocket watch here, waiting for your eyelids to sag. When he’s checked that they have he mixes fishing boat noises to push the cut-off factor to maximum, and lowers you deep into a narcoleptic hole’


‘…not to say that any of these tracks are what you’d call pop music — it’s too minimal and experimental for it, not too mention very stark and barren…not a bad way to waste an hour when you’re not in the mood for something too distracting’

Musique Machine

‘Un ascolto profondo ed essenziale per accogliere la stagione dei colori pastello, futuri grigi’ [‘A deep listening and essential to welcome the season of pastel colors, gray future’, Google translation from Italian]

electronic.it/Ultra Violent

‘a trippy, thoughtful sequence, slightly cold but interesting nonetheless. Nothing remarkable, but pretty’

Monsieur Delire

‘Sublieme muziek die je echt aan de grond weet te nagelen’ [‘Sublime music that you really know how to nail the floor’, Google translation from Dutch]


‘The album’s uninterrupted presentation lends it the feel of a travelogue that takes listeners on a tour through multiple stark landscapes, some warm, many cold, and all of them barren and depopulated’


‘une sorte d’expédition dans un monde fait de multiples voiles, fumée, brouillard, poussière, neige, pluie, dissimulant de merveilleux paysages engourdis’ [‘a kind of dispatch in a world of multiple veils, smoke, fog, dust, snow, rain, hiding wonderful numb landscapes’, Google translation From French]

((( ))) maxime vavasseur. musiques, etc.

‘album of the year, definitely. There is no need to say HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Headphone listening especially recommended’

Deleted Scenes, Forgotten Dreams

Agenda 2010 – Fuck you! 2010 releases i wasted my time with – 2,5 stars and less

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